int mb_send( int socket, char *app_name, int msg_type, int msg_id, int msg_len, u_char *msg )


mb_send sends msg_len bytes of msg to another process registered as app_name. socket is a connector returned by a previous call to mb_bind. msg_id is a request number which can be used to uniquely identify the reply. msg_type can be MB_ONEWAY, MB_TWOWAY or MB_MULTIWAY. Include mb.h to define these constants.

MB_ONEWAY'1'Sends msg to a process registered as app_name. Asks for no reply.
MB_TWOWAY'2'Sends msg to a process registered as app_name. Asks for a reply.
MB_MULTIWAY'M'Broadcasts msg to all processes registered as app_name. Asks for no reply.

mb_send returns 0 if msg could be written to socket or -1 if an error occurred.

If msg_type is MB_ONEWAY or MB_MULTIWAY, no reply is expected from the process or the processes registered as app_name. If msg_type is MB_TWOWAY, the process registered as app_name is expected to return a reply message.

If no process is registered in the domain app_name, the bus sends a MB_NOBODY message to the sender. If a reply is expected and the receiver doesn't reply after a certain delay, 60 seconds in the standard configuration, the bus sends a MB_TIMEOUT to the sender.


mb_receive, mb_reply


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