1. #ifndef _MB_API_H
  2. #define _MB_API_H
  4. #include <sys/types.h>
  6. #ifdef __STDC__
  7. extern int mb_getpagesize( );
  8. extern int mb_setpagesize( int size );
  9. extern int mb_send( int socket, char *peer, int msg_type, int msg_id, int msg_len, u_char *msg );
  10. extern int mb_reply( int socket, int msg_id, int msg_len, u_char *msg );
  11. extern int mb_reply_nobody( int socket, int msg_id );
  12. extern int mb_reply_timeout( int socket, int msg_id );
  13. extern int mb_register( int socket, int msg_id, char *app_name, int sync );
  14. extern int mb_probe( int socket, int msg_id, char *app_name, int sync );
  15. extern int mb_receive( int socket, int *msg_id, int *msg_len, u_char **msg );
  16. extern int mb_bind( char *host, char *port_name );
  17. extern int mb_unbind( int socket );
  18. #else
  19. extern int mb_getpagesize();
  20. extern int mb_setpagesize();
  21. extern int mb_send();
  22. extern int mb_reply();
  23. extern int mb_reply_nobody();
  24. extern int mb_reply_timeout();
  25. extern int mb_register();
  26. extern int mb_probe();
  27. extern int mb_receive();
  28. extern int mb_bind();
  29. extern int mb_unbind();
  30. #endif
  32. #endif


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