Size in memory of elementary types

  1. #include <stdio.h>
  3. main() {
  4.     printf("Size in bytes:\n");
  5.     printf("\t        char: %d\n", sizeof (char));
  6.     printf("\t       short: %d\n", sizeof (short));
  7.     printf("\t         int: %d\n", sizeof (int));
  8.     printf("\t        long: %d\n", sizeof (long));
  9.     printf("\t   long long: %d\n", sizeof (long long));
  10.     printf("\t       float: %d\n", sizeof (float));
  11.     printf("\t      double: %d\n", sizeof (double));
  12.     printf("\t long double: %d\n", sizeof (long double));
  13.     printf("\t      void *: %d\n", sizeof (void *));
  14. }
$ gcc -o sizeof sizeof.c
$ ./sizeof
Size in bytes:
	        char: 1
	       short: 2
	         int: 4
	        long: 4
	   long long: 8
	       float: 4
	      double: 8
	 long double: 12
	      void *: 4


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