Write a CMS in PHP

Learn how to develop well structured web sites with a content manager.

  1. A single entry point for the whole website
  2. Initialization and configuration
  3. Views and language support
  4. Images and translations
  5. Layout and head of a document
  6. Style sheets
  7. Controlling actions
  8. Building blocks
  9. Structuring a form
  10. Returning an HTTP error
  11. Protect a form with a captcha
  12. Access to a database
  13. Monitoring visits
  14. Avoid resending a form
  15. Identifying users
  16. Manage a community of users
  17. Send a new password by email
  18. Associate a user to an avatar
  19. Creation of a user account
  20. Content structure
  21. Filing the content
  22. Page layout
  23. PHP content
  24. File insertion
  25. Editing a node
  26. Editing a node content
  27. Editing a thread
  28. Editing a thread content