About sockets and processes

Learn all the secrets of programming sockets and processes in C.

  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Echo server
  4. Send data using UDP
  5. Send data using TCP
  6. Skeleton of a command processor
  7. Command processor with debug mode
  8. Command processor with line arguments
  9. Send data in non blocking mode
  10. Send data in unix mode
  11. Launch a child process and wait for it
  12. Launch a child process and kill it
  13. Launch a child process and run a command
  14. Run a command in a child process and display its output
  15. Create a zombie process
  16. Launch a demon
  17. Filter the output of a command
  18. Write a server in unix mode
  19. Write a server in stream mode
  20. Write a server in datagram mode
  21. Display a host IP address
  22. Exercise : write a log service
  23. Log service : server
  24. Log service : client